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Impotence at a young age causes and prevention of illness


Impotence at a young age causes and prevention of illness cause erectile

Impotence at a young age: causes and prevention of illness

Psychogenic and organic erectile dysfunction develop in different ways. Psychological impotence arises suddenly, makes itself felt from time to time and is always associated with any kind of stress. The night erection is preserved. The tension of the penis usually remains throughout the sexual intercourse.

Organic impotence manifests itself differently. The disease develops gradually, and over the years, the man’s condition worsens. Nocturnal erection is absent. Quite often, an erection disappears directly during intercourse. The examination revealed various somatic diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction.


Unwillingness to share with a partner aggravates the problem

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Not all men are willing to share their problem with a partner or go to the doctor. Shame, fear of being ridiculed, embarrassment – all this leads to the fact that a man postpones a visit to a specialist for years. Even the closest people sometimes do not know about the problem. You can suspect a violation of potency when the following symptoms occur:

A man avoids intimacy by any means (refers to fatigue, illness, work).

A man does not initiate sex.

A man ignores hints and candid sentences.

You should not delay a visit to the sildalis doctor when the first signs of a problem appear. The doctor will conduct a full examination, find out the cause of erectile dysfunction and give his recommendations. It should be remembered that in 80% of cases impotence is not an independent pathology, but only a symptom. Erectile dysfunction is often associated with various diseases of internal organs and is an indicator of serious problems in the body. Refusal of treatment threatens with unpleasant consequences and the development of serious complications in the future.

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Impotence at a young age causes and prevention of illness causes prevention

The issue of prevention of erectile dysfunction is relevant for every man. Is it possible to prevent the occurrence of a problem?

For the prevention of erectile dysfunction is to follow simple recommendations:

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Denial of alcohol and nicotine. Smoking and addiction to alcoholic beverages worsen the condition of blood vessels and are one of the leading causes of impotence at a young age.

Balanced diet. Balanced on the basic elements of the diet – the basis of health, longevity and sexual strength.

Timely visit to the specialist in case of problems

Reception of multivitamins (taking into account the age and needs of the body). Taking drugs containing omega-3 fatty acids to normalize the work of the sex glands.

Active lifestyle. Sports, regular walks in the fresh air not only strengthen the immune system, but also contribute to the normalization of the sexual life of a man.

Mode of work and rest, full sleep.

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Reducing stressful situations: at home, at work, in relationships with friends and relatives.

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Impotence at a young age causes and prevention of illness cause erectile dysfunction

Harmonious relations with a partner, timely resolution of conflicts.

Regular sex life. Elimination of unpleasant moments during intimacy. Realization of sexual fantasies in a comfortable environment.

Sexual hygiene. Experts do not advise to get involved in masturbation and use interrupted sexual intercourse as a method of contraception. These factors prevent a man from fully enjoying sex with a partner and can cause impotence at a young age.

Prevention of STIs: using a condom, loyalty to a partner. Infectious diseases of the genital organs (including prostatitis) are one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

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Timely treatment of any diseases of the urogenital area.

Health monitoring and treatment of emerging diseases of the heart, blood vessels, spine and other organs.

Weight control and its correction if necessary.

Control of blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose. Regular checkups at the doctor for the timely detection of pathology.


Early erectile dysfunction is not a sentence. Modern medicine has a large number of methods that can return a man the joy of full sexual relations. Medicines, various massage techniques, and physiotherapy come to the rescue. Conducted surgery on the penis, allowing you to adjust the blood flow in the body. Actively applied prosthetic penis.

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